Evaluation process
Examination reforms executed
1. Question papers received from the setters are scrutinized by a Committee appointed for the purpose (known as QP Scrutiny Committee) before the conduct of the End Semester Examinations. The duties of the board is to carry out the following  
a) To check whether every question paper is as per norms with regard to equal coverage of questions from each unit.  
b) To check the spelling and other errors.  
c) To approve the question papers.  
2. The question papers are typed, printed and copies made in the office of the COE. They are sealed and kept in the strong Room under the direct custody of the COE. The packed question papers are handed over to the Chief Superintendent of the Examination for the conduct of examinations on the previous day of examination, the relevant question papers are opened on the day of examination by the Chief Superintendent, half an hour before the commencement of examinations after getting the signature of the hall superintendents and ensuring the intactness of question paper covers.  
3. The answer scripts are packed and sealed immediately after the examination for the session are over and handed over to the COE office.  
4. Single external valuation for both UG and PG programs.  
5. Evaluation of practical exam is made jointly by one internal and one external examiner recommended by the Head of the Department of the concerned department.  
6. Moderation upto 3 to 5 marks maybe given to those students who fail to secure the aggregate passing minimum of 40% and 50% in UG and PG programs respectively on the recommendation of the Board of Examiners during passing board meeting.  
7. Publication of results will be done soon after evaluation and verification of internal and external marks.  
8. Markslists were printed in the COE office and distributed to the students soon after the publication of results.  
9. Revaluation, Retotaling, and Instant exams were conducted and results published regularly.  
10. Consolidated marksheets were also distributed if any student applied for it.

  • New Subject codes introduced during odd semester of 2015-2016 batch.
  • Common question paper for similar courses offered introduced during November 2015 examination. 
  • TCS solution provide the support for the COE office from November 2015.
  • External Central Valuation adopted for both UG and PG answer scripts from November 2015.
  • Publishing results in online from November 2015.
  • Revaluation, Retotaling and Transparency to see valued scripts promoted from November 2015.
  • The soft copy of question papers available from April 2016 examinations.
  • Results published through SMS system along with online publication introduced from April 2016 examination.
  • EssVee System and Software provided exclusive package for COE office from November 2016.
  • Seating arrangements are computerized from November 2016 examination.
  • Hall tickets were distributed through COXCO software from April 2017 examination.
  • Barcode dummy number system was utilized for central valuation system from April 2017.
  • Attendance sheets and answer sheet cover pages are computerized from November 2017.
  • Question paper analysis system was introduced for November 2017 examination.
  • Online Exam Application, Revaluation and Retotaling forms downloading option enabled for passed out students from April 2018 examination.
  • Online Question Paper Analysis forms,  Student Examination Feedback forms and  Grievances submission forms are available from Nov 2018 examination.
  • Answer script evaluation scrutinizing  committee constituted for evaluation of valuation camp performance from April 2019 examination.
  • Answer scripts evaluated for OBE (outcome based education) from May 2020 examination.