Guidelines to evaluators
The following guidelines are issued for Central Valuation of Answer Papers for various UG and PG courses which should be followed by Theory Paper Evaluators: 

1. Valuation time: 10.00 am to 5.00 pm with a lunch break of 1 hour between 1.00pm to 2.00pm.  
2. Valuators should report within 10.30 am and should remain in the hall till 4.30pm.  
3. Bundles will be given for evaluation after ensuring the distribution of keys to the valuators. Each bundle will contain 25 answer scripts and each valuator is permitted to evaluate 2 bundles in a day. 
4. Valuators are fully responsible for any legal issues arising in the paper valuation process.  
5. Examiners will be given one bundle at a time. Each bundle should be valued for a minimum of two hours. After completion of valuation of first bundle, the paper valuator should enter the marks in the system and sign in the printed sheet provide to them after verification. Second bundle will be given only after the completion of valuation and entry of first bundle marks in the computer. 
6. It is responsibility of the evaluator to verify the marks entry and upload the same with the help of the staff in the examination section.  
7. Instruction for awarding marks:  
a) marks should be written only in the space provided in the front sheet using red pen only.  
b) paper valuators are instructed not to write anything and anywhere in the manuscripts.  
c) marks should be awarded according to the keys provided to them.  
d) Paper valuator should mark -0- in the front sheet for a question if the candidate has written wrong/irrelevant answers. e) box pertaining to the questions should not be left blank.  
f) over writing of marks is not permitted and if happened so it should be signed by the evaluator.  
g) total marks should be written in words in the space provided.  
h) there should not be any discrepancy between the marks written in numerical and that written in words. If any discrepancies, the marks written in words will be taken as final.  
8. It is the responsibility of valuator to check the total before the mark entry in the system. 
9. The correctness of marks entered should be authenticated by the valuator by affixing their signature in the printed foil paper of the answer paper bundle.  
10. The statistical forms and evaluator forms alng with claim form need to be submitted to COE at the time claim of payment.  
11. Any discrepancy in marking or totalling in the answer scripts which is noticed, the college authorities will view it seriously and action will be initiated.  
12. Silence should be maintained and Mobile phones should be switched off during valuation.