The following guidelines are issued for invigilation durt during examinations to Invigilators: 

1. Invigilation work is a part of the duty of all teaching staff members. No change or alternate arrangement for doing the invigilation work, without the approval of the chief superintendent.  
2. The invigilators are requested to be present 30 minutes before the commencement of examination.  
3. Any incriminating materials including mobile phone are not permitted inside the hall. 
4. The invigilators must check the register number of the candidates in their hall tickets, on the table and in the answer book and then sign in the column provided for the invigilators.  
5. The invigilators must also get the signature of the candidates present in the examination hall in the sheet supplied.  
6. The absentees details should be marked in the attendance sheet and be given to chief superintendent, after half-an-hour of the comencement of the examination.  
7. The students are only allowed to leave the hall for any emergency purpose with the supervision of non-teaching staff.  
8. The invigilators must remain inside the hall during the examination and should not substitute others in their place during the examination session. 
9. The invigilators must not attend to any other work in the examination hall. They must be on the move in the examination hall and see that there is no malpractice by the student.  
10. Any malpractice or copying by the students must be immediately reported to the Chief Superintendent with the material and evidence.  
11. The invigilators must collect the answer books as and when the students complete the examination, arrange them in register number-wise and hand them over to the Chief Superintendent. He must wait till answer papers are checked and received by the Chief Superintendent.  
12. The invigilators are requested to collect the answer books and other materials supplied to them, along with the answer scripts and hand them over to the Chief Superintendent.  
13. The members of the staff who are availing leave in case of emergency/medical grounds during examination days are requested to inform the Chief Superintendent so that the examination work will not suffer. 
14. Any problem / grievances during examination may be represented to the Chief Superintendent and examination committee.